The Locum Dr's Ratings Written On A Six Note

Dr Jim Royle
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The Locum Dr's Ratings Written On A Six Note

Postby Dr Jim Royle » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:37 am

OK, get use to it folks. Whilst the weathered old Hack is away probably watching Upper Charmoldnsey Racing Club Harriers versus Whipsnade Zoo in the Northern Section of 1st round qualifying of The FA Vase, that just leaves me, Little Jimmy Royle, to do the important stuff at The Aldershot Tribune penning the match day ratings of The Shots game. So the sorcerer’s apprentice has yet again to do all the hard work while you MAY get a scribbling or two from Editor in Chief Alan B about his day after he’s spent every penny of his expenses on “Guest Ales” and “Meat n Tata pies” and a few loose lines about the charm and history of village life and Mrs Mugglewaites amazing scones.

I spent my first few steps towards The Rec yesterday looking for the “Missing 300” supporters from Tuesday night, seemingly they was all still asleep in Torquay so we’d have to make do with the Loyal 2000. Usual pre-match stuff took place, I tried to be in vogue with B and The Ancient One by having a pint of TEA in Wally’s, it was as flat as a Terry Owens Karaoke song and tasted like been sieved through a pair of Sheepy’s unlucky socks. Give me the gas and life of a bottle of American Pop any day !!

Team news came in and to be honest not many raised eyebrows, most are getting use to the Maestro Ginge’s “freshen up” changes and the most pessimistic match prediction was a scrappy 1-0 home win like last season, none so brave to venture as many as six though. And so to the RATINGS, which after a trial of half points allowed reverts back to good old single digits only so likes of Ancient Shot can use his fingers to work out good or bad.

FORMATION - I think was 4-3-3 but could easily have been 2-3-5, last used by Sir Alf Ramsey in 1966 World Cup Final.

COLE, 8 – No point in marking him on Keeping, he was more used in a Sweeper system and his passing out from the back was spot on, sadly lacking any goal threat though assisting our multi strike force.

ARTHUR, 8 – Have to be honest and say all marks were for a near perfect attacking display, I doubt he will ever have an easier game defensively as Guiseley never threatened at all his side of the field.

De HAVILAND, 8 – A stroll in the park at the back, made defending look easy and comfortable playing Keep Ball.

REYNOLDS, 8 – Now this lad would have gotten an extra half mark for joining in with a goal, his header looked spectacular and went in like a bullet. Now we all know I have to try and be controversial so I will say the cut back was so hard hit, he just couldn’t get out of the way ball hitting head !!!

ALEXANDER, 8 – One of best wingers yesterday. If you want an honest negative, lucky lad their headed goal was offside as it came from his inability to get a tackle in on crosser. As they say these days, a Modern Full Back.

KELLERMAN, 8 – Think he was midfield but was so far up field must have got nose bleeds. Got to say on yesterdays evidence will make it tough to get Jakey back in. Despite a few wayward long shots played the passing game well and at pace and capitalised on an error in the box with a clinical finish.

OYELEKE, 9 – The player who touched and caressed the ball the most. Sat deep and ran the show, dictated the pace of the game and oozed class on the day.

ROWE, 8 – Continued to be at centre of most our attacking play and dare I say, think we’ve slightly changed how we play to accommodate him. But think it has made us even more threatening going forward again he knows when to both slow game down and speed it up. Capped with a fine goal as well.

FENELON, 8 – Our goal a game man and in a rich vein of form at the moment. At his very best when we play short sharp passing in and around the penalty box.

TAYLOR, 8 – All action again and boy can he whip in a cross of quality. Between him and Rowe we also have players good at taking corners and dead ball plays.

Mc CLURE, 9 – MOTM, his first goal was an absolute peach, his second the result of “a fox in the box” moment. Could have had five, constant threat in every attack. At the moment worthy of being 1st choice striker, also upped his game chasing back to help win back balls.


GALLAGHER, RENDELL & ARNOLD, 7 – All slotted in nicely, all on when game done and dusted so never going to get chance to really shine.


Totally agree with our Manager when he said, “the players have raised the bar to another level, it’s up to them to maintain and better it now”. We will not know if Guiseley are this season’s cannon fodder for a few months yet, yesterday our play certainly made them look that way. Some of yesterday’s goals were of pure class in finishing and build up play, some plain clinical after forcing errors, the perfect mix. Three games in, three wins, early days but it builds confidence, the secret to maintain is always think you need to up it to another gear if it’s to continue, and treat every opponent with respect. We all know this League produces bonkers results and nothing is a certainty.

And so onto Maidstone on Tuesday, new ground for me so looking forward to it. Plus been told Pub Heaven with hundreds of choices of bottle largers.
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Re: The Locum Dr's Ratings Written On A Six Note

Postby SamShot » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:06 pm

Great post Doc, but would have given Reynolds an 8.5!!
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Re: The Locum Dr's Ratings Written On A Six Note

Postby steveclivebaker » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:20 pm

Every player deserved 10/10 the most one sided match since Woeking Boxing Day.
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Re: The Locum Dr's Ratings Written On A Six Note

Postby Alan B » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:46 pm

Thank you 'Little Jim' for keeping the seat warm - I only wish I could have been there yesterday to experience the positive vibes GW has generated in his second spell. I cannot emphasise enough what a fantastic job he and James Rowe have done in such a short time. We don't have the resources of some of the so called big boys in this league but to put together such an exciting team from scratch in just over a year, that is some achievement. Most of our squad would have been unknown to our supporters (and other clubs' supporters) but they are certainly getting some recognition now.

I thought that the loss of Kundai Benyu would have been a big hole to fill but the early signs are that we are not finding it so hard as I thought. Yes it is early days and I don't mean to be disrespectful to the 3 teams we have faced, but there are more searching tests to come. I think you are right that the formation has been adapted - I think more of a 4-2-3-1 to be honest, with James Rowe more of an advanced midfielder than Kundai, who liked to sit a little bit deeper. With Will Evans and Bernard Mensah still to come into the reckoning, this team can only get better.

I took the opportunity yesterday to go to watch another club rising from the ashes (for the second time too). Ilkeston Town were bought out of liquidation only a month ago by Alan Hardy, who also owns Notts County. They have dropped down to Midland League Division One, which to be kind is pretty average fare - Ilkeston lost 2-0. The support was good (just under 600) but manager Steve Chettle (ex Forest) has a big job getting them into Conference North which is Alan Hardy's target.

All being well, I'm hoping to make the trip south to Borehamwood on Saturday - I have been there back in Ryman League days but there's a little bit more at stake now. In the meantime I'm hoping you can bring positive news tomorrow night. Dont forget to review the best pubs in Maidstone - I'm told there are a few to choose from. Til we meet again, Mr B.. :D

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