Purchasing Bradford City tickets online

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Re: Purchasing Bradford City tickets online

Post by Andyenn » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:58 pm

Richard Petty wrote:
Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:14 am
Andyenn wrote:
Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:40 pm
I have no problem with having an online system - the club dont have to print loads of tickets anymore (half of which probably dont get sold anyway). There seems to be no hardware (other than a mobile phone in the turnstile?), so no upfront costs. The club are doing this to save money, not to waste it, which is fine by me!

I do have some feedback though. I dont use the system very often as I am a season ticket holder, but I have just used it for the second time.
- Booking my seat and another place in the east bank for my son was a bit of a faff. It invovled going backwards and forwards a bit.
- It isnt obvious which seats were taken and which were free. Ok, this took 10 seconds of trial and error, but still could be avoided.
- I didnt notice the £1 donation (by default) the first time I used this. If we are going to try to get these donations it needs to be a bit more up front about it.
- I wanted to print my two tickets at home (mobile phones are a bit new fangled for me). For some reason it wanted to print two tickets on two separate pieces of paper, with two massive colourful logos on each. How about we save a few trees and ink cartridges by printing several tickets on one sheet, and we only have a couple of small logos?
Its a good suggestion environmentally but the problem that I can see with that is that each person should be in possession of their ticket, Particularly in your case where you are in a seat and your son is in the eastbank. I print quite a few online tickets off for things and I cant recall ever having an option to put them all onto one piece of paper.

If you have adobe Acrobat pdf editor on your PC or Laptop then I guess you could edit out the Logo's, and move the second ticket onto the one sheet of paper with the first one but to be honest it would be a bit of pain having to do all that each time and then you would have to cut the piece of paper into two so that you had your ticket for your seat and your son would have his for the Eastbank.

What should be on the ticket is not just Logo's but paid for advertising because that is a huge opportunity for the club to make a lot of money out of the Online ticketing,
  • My trick to getting two tickets on one piece of paper was to print the first page, reload the same sheet (turning it around), then print the second page. A bit of a faff. I will then cut it in half, and give one to my son. I think most of us are capable of doing that, perhaps with the the aid of a few 'cut here' dotted lines.
  • Just because everyone else prints one ticket per sheet, it doesn't make it right.
  • No problem with SMALL adverts but I would get annoyed with the large, paper soaking ones.

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