The Crazy World Of Arthur C Clarke

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Dr Jim Royle
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The Crazy World Of Arthur C Clarke

Post by Dr Jim Royle » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:07 pm

Ok, I’m losing the plot, yes been away on holiday, yes not seen the last two matches, yes knew we was relegated last summer. But what the f**k am I reading on ShotsWeb, Twitter, Facebook .... I know the harsh reality is we have just received a massive kick in the bo***cks but some of the targeted blame is pure Harry Worth material, comedy comments but not funny.

Calls for take over ..... fine, but who? A trust that has no money nor leadership? A consortium that is so mystical that the magic circle doesn’t even know who or where they’ve disappeared to? Yet I read ex Directors/Trust Folk, belittle current BOD, demand they take over or step aside, accuse folk of bad debts etc etc ...... Correct me if I’m wrong but to control a Club or Business you have to be the majority shareholder, the one who cannot be out voted on decisions etc etc. So to get that power you must invest in buying more shares than current owner or offer to buy their shares at an agreed price. I don’t see someone saying, tell you what even though you’ve not invested more monies than me, I’d like you to run the business how you chose fit. So can I suggest certain folk either put their money where the mouth is or shut the ....... sorry, or stop telling folk what to do with their own investment. Even the wonderful John McGinty who ploughed thousands into our club wanted some of it returned, do folk really think our Current Chairman can really afford to walk away from a hefty investment himself? If someone can offer fresh investment and move the Club on in the right direction I’m all for it, meantime those who know better but have empty pockets need to take some of my reality pills.

I’m a little confused at some of Gary’s latest comments, is it right he said the Club now needs stronger leadership and to make some serious decisions? If so, what may they be please? If him and our BOD do not sing off the same hymn sheet there is no hope, nor I’d think any feasible working relationship going forward.

I’m f***ing gutted getting relegated, totally peeved off at the thought of Conference South next season, all I’d like to hear now is how we are going to approach next season team wise. I can see sponsorship looking good, long term lease super, an excellent Sales Man in Mark Butler, things are not all bad behind the scenes. But it’s what happens on the pitch that dictates so much and that is where there is a deathly silence, please do not sit on this, time is not on our side, plan and implement now, not take weeks of letting a thousand voices talk. If I have one criticism of Shahid at the moment it is, he has to be more vocal and decisive on who, how and why we are going to approach next season playing wise and not in three months time !!!!

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Re: The Crazy World Of Arthur C Clarke

Post by TracoShot » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:13 pm

On the day Ipswich go down their chairman immediately issues a statement.

On the day Aldershot go down not a word from the chairman.

What the club needs more than ever now is strong leadership. It remains to be seen if the current chairman is up to the task but I'm starting to have more and more doubts as every day goes by.

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Re: The Crazy World Of Arthur C Clarke

Post by Lazio » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:15 pm

Making statements is all well and good, but for me the real intention will be shown by who goes and who comes in on the playing front.

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