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Auction now closed. Summary as follows
Winners will be contacted this afternoon (fri 2nd) via email and shostsweb PM to arrange payment/delivery
Tommy and the Trust Board thank you all for your participation and contributions ! Great effort. As you will see this raised over £1000.

Lot #1, Year=1996/8, away, Datrontech, size:42/44 £30.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #2, Year=1995/7, Home, Datrontech, size:42/44 £70.00 Shearer
Lot #3, Year=2006/7, home, EBB, size:XXL £40.00 Steve P (email)
Lot #4, Year=1993/5, home, Datrontech, size:42/44 £60.00 Shearer
Lot #5, Year=2002/4, home, Hi-Speed, size:XL £30.00 CRT
Lot #6, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:XXXL £5.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #7, Year=2000/2, home, Charters, size:XL £20.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #8, Year=1997/8, home, Datrontech, size:XL £35.00 Statto
Lot #9, Year=2010/11, home, Xfor, size:4XL UNSOLD
Lot #10, Year=2002/04, away, Hi-Speed, size:XXL £50.00 Sheffield Baz
Lot #11, Year=1998/00, home, Charters, size:XL £30.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #12, Year=2008/9, home, EBB, size:XXL UNSOLD
Lot #13, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:XXXL UNSOLD
Lot #14, Year=2010/11, home, Xfor, size:XXXL £15.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #15, Year=1992/3, home, Pams Florists, size:XL £380.00 Sheffield Baz
Lot #16, Year=2004/06, away, Charters, size:XXXL £8.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #17, Year=2000/02, home, Charters, size:L £15.00 Steve Stairs Elbow
Lot #18, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:L £10.00 Callumatfc
Lot #19, Year=2002/04, home, Hi-Speed, size:L £10.00 Callumatfc
Lot #20, Year=1997/98, home, Datrontech, size:L £25.00 WB1995
Lot #21, Year=2011/13, home, EBB, size:L £10.00 Martyn
Lot #22, Year=2007/08, home, Ezylet, size:L £25.00 ATFCPredatorx
Lot #23, Year=Late 90s, training, None, size:XL £15.00 Malmesbury Shot
Lot #24, Year=2008/10, third, EBB, size:SJ £10.00 Martyn
Lot #25, Year=2008/10, away, EBB, size:M £60.00 Shearer
Lot #26, Year=2003/04, special, Hi-Speed, size:XXL £45.00 Martyn
Lot #27, Year=2002/04, home, Hi-Speed, size:M £75.00 shot62
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Shotsweb running slowly - PLEASE READ

Post by RC-Moderator » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:20 pm

Due to technical issues on Shotsweb, posts are taking around a minute to submit
Your bid/message will be posted (on a first come first serve) basis - please only click "submit" once; and please be patient
If on Friday you have some last minute bidding - please bear this in mind - and don't leave it too late !